How to Become a Member of St. John's
Joining by Transfer
Active members of a Missouri Synod Lutheran Church may join by transferring their membership to Saint John's. This is accomplished by calling or writing your present church and asking the Pastor to send a letter of transfer.
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Joining by Baptism / Confirmation
Those who wish to become members of Saint John's and have never been a member of a Christian Church or a Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod congregation, may become members by Adult Baptism/Confirmation.
To become a baptized and confirmed member of Saint John's, simply attend the "Adult Inquirers Class," sometimes referred to as "AIC." Through the use of an engaging PowerPoint presentation, this 9 week class looks at the Bible and Luther's Small Catechism with the purpose of discovering God's holy will for us as individuals, and for the world in general.
AIC is offered two or three times a year. Either call the church office at 879-2377, or consult the church calendar on this site for more information.
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Joining by Re-affirmation of Faith
Those confirmed in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, or another Lutheran Synod, who have not been active in recent years, may join Saint John's by re-affirmation of faith. This involves meeting with Pastor to discuss your desire to become a part of the Saint John's family.
Please contact the church office at 879-2377.
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How to Contact Saint John's and Membership Forms
The church office is open weekdays, Monday through Thursday between 9:00 a.m and 2 p.m. The office secretary's name is Tina.
There are two seperate forms to complete as a part of the application process. Each adult completes a Membership Application Form (Downloadable in PDF format), and each family submits a Membership Profile.
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Saint John's Lutheran Church
1633 East Pinconning Road
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Church Telephone: (989) 879-2377
Fax Number: (989) 879-6343
Pre-school Telephone: (989) 879-5006
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Pastor's e-mail
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