125th Anniversary Service and Historical Display - September of 2013

Worshipers arrive to newly remodeled church

Preparing for worship

A full church for 125th Anniversary worship

Our choir led by Darlene Eland

Our guest preacher - former pastor Mark Pflug

Pastor Jung and Pastor Pflug

Pastor Plug greets Lorina Rosenbrock

Pastor Jung and Lori, Judy and Pastor Pflug

Historical Pictures are shown

Historical displays

The lithograph which hung over the altar in original St. John's sancturary

Pastor Pflug and Judy Pflug

Issy Gallandt came from the nursing home

Pastor Pflug with Lorina Rosenbrock

Our hard working Historian Ron Gage and his wife Millie

Marv Hasso and Pastor Pflug

Movies of the construction of our present building are shown

Pastor Pflug reminisces

Original Church records are viewed from the 1800's