125th Anniversary Renovation Project 2012-2014

Construction Begins - Fall of 2012

Drainage issues are addressed

New metal roof begins to be installed

Flat roof is eliminated with new peak

30 foot sections of steel installed

Parking lot expansion underway

Sidewalk prep

Heating and Cooling issues adressed

Landscaping addressed

Old parking lot removed and leveled

Paving over reworked foundation

New exterior posts for front porch prepared

Old rotted posts removed

Work crew and new weather resistant posts

Restroom floors replaced

Sanctuary ceiling repaired and painted

Painting project underway

New forced air furnaces and air conditioning

Pews are removed to replace sanctuary carpet

Pews moved to Fellowship Hall

30 year old carpet is removed

New carpeting in place

Pews are returned

Chancel carpeting is replaced

New boiler is delivered

30 year old boiler is removed

New 95% efficiency boiler in place

New cabinets crafted by Randy Yenior are installed

Newly refurbished Sanctuary

Newly refurbished Church Exterior 2014

To God be the glory!